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we play in your team

Give your project the right tools. Find the perfect services for your business

< Development solutions >

we play in your team

Give your project the right tools. Find the perfect services for your business

< Development solutions >

we play in your team

Give your project the right tools. Find the perfect services for your business

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Guaranteed quality

We build high-quality software that fully complies with your specific requirements and expectations, empowering users to perform tasks quickly and effortlessly, on any device, at any time.

Qualified professionals

We have a talented and seasoned team of engineers and leaders with expertise in a wide range of technologies. Work with our professionals on a trial basis, ensuring you hire the right people for the job.


We engage each project with the highest commitment. Our relationship with clients goes beyond Commercial. It's about frequently communicating, building trust, and pursuing success together.

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Software Development

High-end software, from architecture design to implementation, launch and ongoing maintenance. Advanced development workflow to manage complex projects and rigorous deadlines. Continuous delivery of leading solutions for our customer's needs.

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IT Talent Augmentation

Expand your in-house software development capabilities by choosing the right type of cooperation model that fits your project size, team composition and budget. Choose from software developers, UX/UI designers, data analysts and DevOps engineers.

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Dedicated Teams

Solid base team delivering optimal results with full transparency. We ensure a motivated and productive team driven by performance reviews, analysis of work quality, professional growth, evaluation of resources/client satisfaction and overall team management.

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UI/UX Design

Creativity, innovation and design thinking that inspires your clients. Better user experience design, rapid prototyping and navigation flow, beyond an upgrade to “look and feel” of digital assets. Optimal intersections between business goals and users' needs.

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Quality Assurance

We ensure the highest quality software by providing a powerful testing strategy and methodology into the development lifecycle. Manual and automatic tests across desktop, mobile and web to deliver excellent reliability and performance.

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Legacy System Modernization

Trusted software eventually becomes obsolete. When legacy systems lead to loss of competitiveness then it is time to upgrade, integrate or replace it. The right decision will improve operational efficiency and accelerate innovation.

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< Our Clients >


CodeMetro provides powerful ABA Therapy Software that allows users to optimize time and operate more efficiently on scheduling, billing, clinical data collection, compliance, and payroll. Ofaris assists with long term staff augmentation, providing qualified developers, quality assurance resources, and scrum masters. The success of their involvement has led to an exclusive staffing arrangement and trust since 2015 with multiple teams.

Mutual CL

Mutual CL contact us with a large number of road accidents.Develop a mobile application to alert the dangerous points of the routes by sounds. We choose sound method because the driver have to be focused in the road and not in the smartphone. Technologies: Mobile application developed in Ionic with Cordova, .NET API, Google maps for geolocation. (GPS based for the Offline mode)

Paramedic Connect

Reduce costs generated by face-to-face visits between doctors and patients. Develop a mobile application for users, and web application for doctors with a real-time video streaming. Technologies: Mobile application developed in Ionic with Cordova, .NET Core API, WebRTC for the stream.

< nearshore outsourcing >

Nearshore app development is becoming an increasingly viable and useful option for outsourcing. With a world that has embraced the digital era, it’s easy to see why there’s been a subsequent rise in nearshore outsourcing popularity. The fact that you can use Nearshore development teams to build all sorts of software at great rates makes it the preferred option for many companies. When considering Onshoring and Offshoring benefits and Disadvantages, Nearshoring offers benefits combine the best of both worlds:

  • 1

    Time zone

    Nearshore outsourcing helps eliminate communications obstacles due to different time zones. Argentina is located in UTC-3, meaning we can easily adapt and share most of our working day with your team, whether you are based on the east or the west coast.

    Benefit Icon Time zone
  • 2

    Quality / Cost Balance

    We provide a highly educated workforce that can be employed at half (or lower) costs. This way you would spend much less for the same quality offered by an in-house dev team.

    Benefit Icon Quality / Cost Balance
  • 3

    High Quality

    Argentina universities are recognised around the world for their highly skilled graduates. Our thorough recruiting process focuses on hiring only the best candidates.

    Benefit Icon High Quality
  • 4

    Culturally Aligned

    We share a similar mindset and lifestyle with American people. This is key in understanding your project requirements and it allows us to share our point of view about your app features. We can see your projects both as developers as well as potential users because of our cultural similarity.

    Benefit Icon Culturally Aligned
  • 5

    Tech Skills

    Coursera’s 2019 Global Skills Index ranks Argentina as a leader in cutting-edge technical skills. We have a large, skilled and bilingual pool of software engineers with the know-how to execute different kind of projects in an agile way, following strict methodologies to reach the highest quality standards.

    Benefit Icon Tech Skills
  • 6

    English Proficiency

    Argentina has the highest English level in Latin America, and currently occupies the 15th place in the global ranking. Multilingual skills is a key factor for foreign companies to work with us.

    Benefit Icon English Proficiency

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